This is Moesha Boduong


This is Moesha Boduong

She’s a Ghanaian actress credited with having one of the biggest behinds in Ghana even though there are accusations of her using waist trainers to achieve that look.

Here are photos of her that clearly puts her huge body on display.

1.  The hand had to just hang on the hips


2. For your eyes only


3. Beautifully spread out on her side


4. Do you see what we see?


5. Here too…


6. One word….dayum


7. The black makes justice to the shape


8. Just for one person


9. Table mpo nfa niho


10. She’s like, “check my back”…we see you Moesha


11. Suffocating that dress


12. It’s black and large


13. Just so you know it’s all natural

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